Nail Art Designs

Nail polish is one of the girls best friends, we love nail polish as much as we love make up. Even during the Ming Dynasty, nail polish has been part of higher class women's regime. During that time it was made from a combination of beeswax, egg whites, gelatin, vegetables dyes and Arabic gum and then applied to nails of the higher class. Egyptians dipped the tip of their fingers in henna staining their nails a rich dark brown colour. And today, nail polish has become significant part for a women's fashion and nail care.

Nowadays there are lots of nail polish designs to choose from and nail art has become so trendy because of its cute , funky and lovely designs. You can make you own glitter effect, floral, simple dots, leopard print watercolor effect or anything you like! But remember that dark colour nail polish may leaves a yellowish stains on your nail, so better to apply first a base light colour coat.


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